Pembroke Youth Hockey (PYH) is an organization for boys and girls ages 5 to 19 years old from Pembroke and the neighboring towns, including Halifax and Plympton. A member of both Massachusetts Hockey and USA Hockey, PYH is comprised of teams which compete

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PYH is proud to partner with local business and PYH family owned Salt Shack CrossFit (here) for anyone interested in off-ice training.  Salt Shack Crossfit has a very similar philosophy as USA Hockey in terms of long-term athlete development for our youth. 


They have something to meet everyone’s individual needs!  CrossFit, Weightlifting, Personal Training, Bootcamp, On Ramp Training, Teens and Kids Programs all take place under the roof of their 5,000 square foot facility. 


Shack Teens & Kids Program

The program is designed to improve your child’s level of fitness, increase self-confidence, and build solid foundations that they will use in the years ahead of them. 


The program is effective for athletes looking for off season training as well as for those kids that need to get off the couch and learn how to move.  Young athletes can expect to safely improve agility, coordination, and develop strength that carries over to all youth sports.


They will work on running, jumping, rowing, body weight movements, skill development, light barbell movements, and so much more. As the coaches see mastery of movement patterns, they will challenge the athlete so they continue to improve. Class sizes are under 15 per class, which allows the coaches to really get to know them individually.


409 Columbia Road, Hanover, MA 02339



Open Daily

5:15am — 7:30pm Weekdays, 8:00am — 12:00pm Saturdays, 8:00am — 10:00am Sundays


USA Hockey Nutrition link - here

USA Hockey Dryland link - here